Campaign Materials

On this page you will find materials created for the campaign over the years that can be used for your mobilisation for both in print or digitally! The campaign materials include the general May 28 logo and poster as well as the visuals illustrating the campaign focus for last year on institutional violence against women.

2018 Social Media Messages

Facebook/Instagram & Twitter messages look here! May-28-Social-Media-Toolkit

2018 Social media images

May 28 2018 Banner








2017 Social media images

May 28 banner (1)

Infographics in English

Abortion Infographic FINAL

The Denial of access to safe and legal abortion services


Access to contraception FINAL

The Denial of Access to Contraceptives

Forced or Coerced Sterilization FINAL

Forced or Coerced Sterilizations

Inforgraphics_ Obstetric Violence FINAL (2)

Obstetric Violence

Infografías en Español


La Negación del acceso a anticonceptivos


denegación de aborto

La negación del derecho a servicios de aborto seguro y legal


Esterilización forzada

Esterilización forzada


Violencia Obstetrica

Violencia Obstétrica

Infographics in French

Forced Sterilizations FRENCH

Sterilisations Forcées

Obstetric Violence FRENCH

Violence Obstetricale




May 28 Logo


May 28 Poster


May 28 Stickers

Sticker A4


May 28 Cover image

May28 cover_English


Updated May28 Cover image

banner may 28






May 28 Slogan images for Social Media

May 28 Slogan ENGLISH









French-language slogan










Spanish-language slogan

May 28 Slogan SPANISH









Focus cases images for Social Media